Equifax Hacked

equifax hackThe credit score company, Equifax has announced that their system has been breached. This means that the personal data of over 143 million Americans have been exposed by computer hackers. This represents nearly half the population of The United States affected by Equifax Hacked. Unexpectedly, Equifax stocks dropped 19% after the announcement was made.

In a statement, the company based out of Atlanta, said it discovered a security breach last July 29. Hackers took advantage of a vulnerability on the US website to get access to names, social security numbers and driver licenses of US customers. They have not yet found any evidence that customers in other countries have been affected. The cyber security incident leaves many unanswered questions to concerned Americans; such as; Why wasn’t the breached announced to the public sooner?

Equifax has opened an investigation with a cybersecurity firm and they are cooperating with the US federal authorities.

An apology was issued on their twitter feed , urging their clients to learn more about the matter on a special website; equifaxsecurity2017.com


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