How-to Create a Bootable USB

how-to create bootable usbAs thinner devices, such as mini laptops take over the market place, optical drives seem to be disappearing. However, we still may need to reinstall the operating system from time to time. This tip will allow you to create your own bootable USB key of Windows 7 installation files. If you are not using Windows, then we will show you a fantastic application that every technician should have.

What you will need for Windows 7

You must have a USB key handy of at least 4GB. The key will be formatted in the process so make sure there is no sensitive data stored on the key. Here is a great selection on Amazon.
Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (DTSE9H/32GBZ)

You will need a valid Windows 7 product key and then you must download an .iso image file off of the Microsoft download page

Next you will need a small application called : Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe, this is available on Microsoft Store

Step 1: Start the application by running the shortcut that was placed on your desktop

how-to create usb bootable
Click browse and navigate to the folder where your .iso file is located, select it, then
Click “open” and then click next to go to the Step 2


Step 2: You will be able at this stage, to either to burn a DVD, or to create your USB key.
In this case, we click on the button “USB device”.



how-to create usb bootable

Step 3: Select your USB drive from the drop-down menu. Then click the button Begin copying.

how-to create usb bootable

Step 4: You have nothing special to do here, but watch the application copy the files.


how-to create usb bootable

If everything went well you will see this final window.

windows 7 success tool

You can close the program and try booting with your USB key.

If you are not using Windows 7 and need to create a bootable USB key with another operating system, we suggest another application called Rufus. We will create an article about this application soon.