How to Write a How-To Article

how to write a how-to articleIn the computer industry, sharing your knowledge is a vital key to your credibility as an expert that is why we decided to share some tips on how to write a how-to article in a few easy steps. Do you know how-to install the latest anti-virus? Use the advanced options in Microsoft Excel?  Show-off the latest and coolest application? Writing how-to articles is a great chance to share important information to your readers.

Tip 1: Select the Application
Choose an application or software that interests you enough to stay focused to explore and research it thoroughly. Take notes about the type of application you want to write about. Jot down notes about everything you can think of about that specific application.

Tip 2: Address a Current Need 

Do not choose an application that is outdated. For instance, writing a how-to article in 2016 about an application you can only install in Windows XP would be a complete waste of time, since most people are running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Look into current tech trends and choose applications that you know would be interesting and popular for your audience.

Tip 3: Do Your Research

You need to start by conducting some preliminary research by entering keywords into Google. You will be lead to some sources that will give you the necessary information to begin writing. Read up on the reviews about the software and see if you can find any video tutorials that some one has already made about your application. Collect everything you need and create your folder on your computer with images, articles, bookmarks, documents and anything you will need to write the best possible how-to article.

Tip 4: Install and Try the Application

Make sure you try the application, to know exactly what you are dealing with. If you are familiar with virtualization, Virtual Box is a great piece of software to try applications without affecting or modifying your current operating system. Take screenshots of any important dialog boxes you will want to include in your article.

Tip 5: Get Organized and Start Writing Your Article

Now it is time to start putting together the information you have collected.  Place all of your images in a logical order . The use of images or screenshots will enhance your steps. Address your audience with simple steps and instructions that get to the point. Double check and make sure your steps work correctly. Re read your article or have a friend read over the article for you. They may have some constructive feedback.

Those are 5 simple tips on how to write a how-to article. Now enjoy your research and how-to article writing. Your readers will be very thankful for the help you offer.

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