Like Farming

like farmingNo! No! You are not going to win the Mac Books, Ipads, Samsung televisions, free cash, trips or cruises you just shared on your Facebook wall. Actually, you just participated in an elaborate scam and hoax called Like Farming. This scam is all about collecting as many Facebook likes as possible.

A Like Farming Facebook page will offer you an exclusive chance at winning very expensive prizes, just for liking, adding a comment or sharing an image or post of the products itself. Except the products do not exist and there are no winners whatsoever. But still, these posts get thousands of likes and shares in just a few days.

Here is how it works

A Facebook page or post with a lot of likes is actually a high value commodity for these spammers and scammers. These pages are usually resold on the black market for thousands of dollars. The new owners of the page then use the likes to promote their own products and services. Sometimes even worse, they may launch their own scams. Most of the time the posts and pages are turned in to survey fraud scams that allow them to make money directly. All those unsuspecting likes now turn into a large poll of potential victims for scammers. Every one that initially liked the fantastic opportunity to win the cool tech gear and free cash now become a target for spam and fraud. A very far cry to what you initially signed up for! Right?

In an era where there is so many scams and potential security issues on the internet, it is up to each one of us to be more careful. So now, consider your self warned, be smarter and think before you share, click, comment and like.