Microsoft teams is an older product now, but people have some confusion about teams. Most of us think that Teams is just used for chatting, and some think that it’s an upgraded version of Skype. But the truth about this application is that it is used for the teamwork, collaboration and is the best platform for communication purposes. This product introduces a modern workplace and new ways of work, more than ever remote environments can be effective for everyone.

  • Work as a “Team”

In Microsoft Teams, you are all working as a group, side by side, like you would be working in offices and your classrooms. By using this product, you feel that you are living in one house, under one roof. All the members who are the part of the house will be encompassed through everything, which is performed in the house. In Microsoft Teams, you can easily become a member of many different teams because this platform is made for the sole purpose of collaborating efficiently. When you start using Microsoft Teams, you see how easily you are connected with so many teams and can smoothly perform so many tasks together and know about a lot of people. In this application, collaboration is performed efficiently. Moreover, the history of projects completed and the decisions made are also maintained easily in Microsoft Teams.

  • The team as a “Channel.”

In Microsoft Teams, the first channel from which you communicate is called General. In this channel everything happens in the house you are going through it. In this, you are easily able to reply to the conversations, communicate through video calls and audio calls. Moreover, you can also record whatever is going on. In Microsoft Teams, you are not just limited to talk, but you have to give your facial expressions through emotions, gifs, memes and stickers. You have much more to perform here. By using this product, you are not just bound to one thing only. Instead, you have so many things to do here and get entertain. You can create a more fun and friendly environment here. You are not present physically in one place, but by using this product, you feel that you are in one place. If you start working on so many projects, different ideas came through different people in a team, and you freely work in different teams. By using teams, you have two choices whether you set your channel as a “Private” or “Standard”. In Standard mode, your channel is visible to everyone. Whereas, in Private mode, the channel is visible to only some selected members from the house. You have the key to enter members of your choice in your Private group.

  • “Activity Feed” on Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams, you can hear all of the conversations, which are done in the different rooms. In this, you can turn on the all “Channel Notifications”. By using this, you don’t have to worry about not being able to be available during meetings and miss anything. Whenever you want to hear those conversations and check what task is performed in the house, you walk to the house and listen to each and everything. You see what posts have been posted in the group. Whenever someone wants your attentiveness, you can be focused by using a megaphone. Whenever someone mentions you like this “@Jones”, you can see it in your activity feed whether you have turned on your notifications or not.

  • “Private Conversations” in Microsoft Teams:

Most of the times, you want a private or personal conversation with one person or only a few members of the group. It is because sometimes most of people do not have any interest in some tasks. Therefore, you can select only interested members and talk to them about a project privately. Communicating in personal chats is not tricky in Microsoft Teams. You can easily be able to collaborate with your group members in Personal or Private chats and can easily create a group chat at Microsoft Teams. But for the business activities, you must not communicate in the private channel; you should set your channel as “Standard” because whatever conversation or activity is performed in the business should be visible to every member of the group. All discussions should be present in Channel posts because in this all of the posts are visible to everyone. First of all, it is essential for everyone to know that a lot of effort has been made for getting success in Microsoft Teams. Here you can share your work by attachments; upload any document you want. 

  • How can Microsoft Teams be used for Teachers and Students?

Using Microsoft Teams in the Start creates so many difficulties both for the teachers and for the students. It is slightly challenging to understand how to make teams, how to add new projects, and how to schedule the tasks in Microsoft Teams. But, as time goes on, everything becomes easy and understandable for everyone. Teachers can set privacy that one student cannot remove any other student; teachers can mute the students if necessary. That means if any student disturbs the teacher and teacher wants to give a lecture attentively without disturbance of other students. The other benefit for teachers and the students using Microsoft Teams is that they can record their lectures and upload them in Microsoft Teams. If the student was not present during the lecture, he could still be benefited by availing open lectures, hear and learn everything that is done in the class. Teachers and students can invite any member of the team’s group. Microsoft teams are suitable for students and teachers. It is widely considered the best platform for communication and collaboration with each other.


Teams is an excellent tool for improving communication skills and are best for collaboration. Microsoft Teams are now part of Office 365, and it is easily accessible to all members within all organizations. Outside the organization, Teams include so many Microsoft apps and third-party apps to make Microsoft teams elaborate and a plentiful app. A dedicated email address has been provided to the user in Microsoft Teams. So that the user can easily copy all projects and place all of them at one place. In Microsoft Teams, you can create conversation polls and all the data you collect through these polls will provide you with results and can be made available on the channels for future use. It is one of the most valuable features in the toolkit of Microsoft. It has flexible management where you can efficiently perform all of your business activities in modern times. So now at the time of modern working and competition, it is the best platform for getting success. It affords all of the affordable functions that everyone can efficiently use for their business. It also has a lot of benefits, like bringing fifteen to twenty people together on this platform. It also provides the facility to many members of coming on a single platform and discussing each and everything with each other. Teams give the benefit that you have to perform multiple projects at one time, and you can to perform solo projects as well. The other benefit of teams is to avoid distractions during lectures and meetings while discussing everything quickly. Moreover, you can easily present your project because admin has an option to mute everyone and unmute only one person who is presenting their ideas or work. Now Teams is a highly valued asset for all leading companies around the world. You can efficiently Work from Home through Microsoft teams. Most of the tools you are able to use in teams include an email, chat, calendars and much more. In our daily routine, we interact with a lot of Microsoft apps like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint. So teams give easy interactions with all of these apps for sharing project materials. The other benefit is it provides secure storage for storing project files.


  • Before launching any App or learning about its usage, it is best to learn all the details of how to use the product. Therefore, you can do this by going to YouTube or Microsoft to obtain an introductory or crash course.
  • This App is best according to all details and from my own experience.
  • It is the best way for communication and collaboration with each other.
  • It is the best way to performing tasks, present ideas, work without distraction and present decisions.
  • You can focus on your work in Microsoft teams.
  • Quickly move to a digital workplace.
  • New members can quickly adapt to each and everything discussed in the past.


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