Optimize your PC with CCleaner pro, cleaner and privacy tool by Piriform. You may not have heard about Piriform but you definitely know what CCleaner is if you know about cleaning your PC or Mac. CCleaner pro is the best in the game. When it comes to cleaning and optimizing your PC (or Mac), nothing comes closer. CCleaner is efficient, has a very user-friendly interface and, to top that all, it is very light and automatic. If you want a fast and more responsive Windows, you need to get CCleaner. It also helps you keep your privacy by deleting your internet history. This is not it, it also contains a registry cleaner that will clean all bad registries in your Windows and make the Windows more secure.

But I don’t need CCleaner, I can do this stuff myself. I know you are maybe thinking this. And if you are and you can do it yourself, then kudos! But the problem is, efficiency. You will probably need over an hour or more to do this, while that hour could have been spent with family or doing something you like. But no you were manually doing the optimization of your PC. If you want the same degree of optimization in less than a minute, choose CCleaner pro. It is efficient, fast and effective. What else do you need in this fast day and age?!

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Now comes the part that you, the customer, should be most interested in. THE PRICE. With all these features and efficiency, you’d think that this tool is going to be very high-priced. Its price is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. You get CCleaner Pro at CA$ 39.95 (USA$ 24.95) for one whole year. And this price ain’t much when it comes to your time. You want to spend your hard earned money on a right product and this product is just that. But if you are not sure whether to buy the CCleaner pro version, just take a 14-day trial, no credit card required. If you like it, just buy it; and if you don’t, you will be reverted back to basic CCleaner version.

Now comes the installation process of this amazing cleaning tool. You can install it on PC or Mac, whichever you prefer.

  1. In order to install CCleaner Pro, you need to first purchase it and then download its setup file. You are welcome to try the FREE version as well.
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2. Once you have downloaded the file, just open the file to start installation.
3. Once you open the file, you will get a “Security Warning”. Just click on Run.

Security Warning

4. After that a new window opens with Install button on it.

5. If you don’t want to install Chrome or Avast, just uncheck the box at the bottom of the window.

6. Click Install

7. Once the installation is done, just uncheck the box saying “View Release Notes” unless you want to read the Release notes.

8. Click on Run CCleaner to ensure that it is working correctly.

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With this done, you have made your PC secure and more optimized than ever. You could argue that other cleaning software are available and we will not deny that. However, arguably they are not as effective and efficient as CCleaner Pro. They are meant to clean your PC, but often times they slow it down. But not CCleaner because its cleaning is secure and very effective. CCleaner Pro takes the upper hand in the battle of cleaning software, quite easily. Any questions use their world class support here.