XLTRAX Radio Team

In the near future, I plan on creating short podcasts about news in technology. I am not quite finding the time for that yet, but will try to pull off a miracle or two very shortly! I promise!

For now in this section, I want to bring your attention to my Dance radio show that is playing on the XLTRAX Music network. First, on XLTRAX radio http://xltrax.com  listen to my monthly show playing great EDM music, a bonus track and a segment called The Jumpstart of the week. In addition, you can hear an exclusive interview with a featured artist in each show. This 60 minute show plays at 9pm eastern standard time.  Next, you can listen to my countdown show called The Top 10 Dance Songs of the Week every Sunday at 7pm eastern standard time. The show is followed by 60 minutes of  live  house dj mix first, by my partner DJ Lap and then the final 30 minutes by myself Dibblebee.

In total that is 3 hours of production I try to make and produce each week! The full three hours can be heard on a local FM station here in Sherbrooke, Quebec  called CJMQ 88.9FM  http://cjmq.fm every friday at 9pm eastern.

Hope you enjoy the music and please go ahead and like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dibblebee

See ya there Dance Dance Freaks!

Derek Bullard (Dibblebee)