Envizen 7.0" Tablet PC
Envizen 7.0″ Tablet PC

We live in a digital age where paper is rightfully becoming a thing of the past. E-readers and tablets are becoming very popular for reading books and manuals in Pdf format. Since I work at an I.T College that prints out a lot of the training manuals, we decided to do some research and find an affordable yet good performing tablet for our students to archive and read their training material. The criteria were simple; Under 90$, 7 inch screen, WiFi and easy access to the Google Play Store.

Our representative at Tigerdirect.ca suggested we give the Envizen Model No V700NA a try. I was very hesitant to buy what I consider a no-name product, but at this price what did I have to lose? I ordered one unit and gave this thing a run for the money.

Inside the sealed box, I found a power adaptor, USB cable A to mini B, small user guide and of course the tablet device. The first thing I noticed was the short 4 inch USB cable. I had to ask myself what exactly they expected us to do with such a short cable and if that is what help save on production costs.

Upon removing the unit from the sealed plastic, I noticed a DC-IN Jack, Earphone Jack and a Micro TF card slot to obviously expand the already 4GB of storage. Another great feature on the back of the unit was a reset switch. Who could not appreciate that when it is pretty much impossible to remove the battery on these things. On the side of the tablet you will notice a power button, back button and a system settings button. These are actually kind of handy to have directly integrated to the unit.

I fired up the tablet and noticed we have Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) installed and a firmware build number that seems more recent that the one I found on the Envizen website here. I really do not know why and it is something I plan on trying to figure out.

As I browse different applications such as Play Store, Netflix, Gmail and the internet, I am fairly satisfied with the performance but it is a tiny bit on the sluggish side. The Cpu is a A13 Cortex A8@1Ghz and built in ram is DDR3 512mb. The fact that it only has 512Mb of RAM could explain the sluggishness. However, remember I need a tablet to read PDF training material and not a super fast unit or I obviously would have invested in a more powerful tablet such as a Samsung Galaxy or something of that sort.

The display is a 7 inch, 800X480 pixels touch screen. The touch screen does not seem as smooth as some other tablets, but again for the price I can not complain.

You will not wake up the neighbours with the external speaker, but it sounds OK with a good set of headphones.

The unit has a built-in front webcam which will serve as only that; a webcam. Don’t try to take pictures, you will have a glorious time trying to focus on your target the wrong way around!

This tablet has more than once slipped out of my hands nearly crashing to the ground. My years of developed hockey goalie reflexes saved the unit from smashing to pieces, but not even the best goaltenders have a perfect save average so I explored Ebay for a universal affordable case. Here is the link to what I found. I have not received it yet, but I will keep you posted.

In conclusion, ¬†I can say I am satisfied with product and it’s performance based on the price I paid. If you stick to basic tablet applications you will most certainly be satisfied too!

Written and reviewed by Derek Bullard
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