The I.T Organized Work space

computer workbenchFor most of us, creating an ideal workstation is a matter of optimizing our desks for ergonomics and productivity. In today’s work environment 2.0, private offices are being minimized and we are seeing more open floor plan, lots of common space flooded with natural light, clusters of “desks” with low partitions (or none at all), all designed to encourage teamwork, boost productivity. It looks really cool on their website and their promotional material and there is a good change that the creative team really appreciates it.

How does IT feel about this?  These layouts may be torturing your IT department because after all they want and in many cases need their privacy. Open space vs. office will be an eternal debate. Intimacy and concentration needs often vary depending on what your responsibilities may be. There is a difference between the needs of a network administrator and a help desk support technician. If your network administrator is constantly interrupted it may take him some time to find his place in his work again. On the other hand, a help desk support technician needs to talk to other colleagues to quickly get information, such as whether a server is down, a workstation is running smoothly or if a certain application has been installed, so constant contact is probably necessary. Whatever your office layout will be, the key is finding the right balance. We will examine what is necessary in the work area of a help desk technician to be well organized.


First off the area you choose to install your workbench should be easy accessible, well-lit and dry. You will need ample space for spare parts, tools, reference manuals and books. Keep in mind that your work load could grow over time so calculate a little extra room. You should also consider the concerns with electrical power. Your workbench should have enough power outlets and be located conveniently near your workbench. You should never be on the same circuit breaker as devices that use a lot of power like microwaves, air conditioners, refrigerators etc.

Get Organized

Your office is where you spend the most time at work. It is supposed to contribute to your productivity. Is this the case? It is undeniable that taking the time to get organized can save you lots of time in the long run. In addition, a crowded space disturbs attention. Being organized can reduce the amount of stress you may feel as your workload grows. A tidy work space shows an ability to multitask while staying organized. However, working permanently in total disorder can seriously harm your credibility. Compare your works pace to an airplane cockpit. If you can’t reach the controls quickly, you’re already in trouble even before you take off.

Stay organized! It is very frustrating to bring a computer to a workbench full of clutter without anywhere to set it down. Avoid setting down tools without putting them back in their place even for a few minutes. A good tool caddy where you can easily drop tools will help you well with this.

Use a system like a whiteboard to organize the computers you are working on and to who they belong. You can even post a work order on each computer with all the necessary details as well as important notes about the work done.

As an I.T professional look to create a comfortable, spacious and organized work space. If your work area is busy and full of distractions, make sure you have a place you can go to sometimes and focus on work that requires more concentration.  By optimizing your work space you will lose less time and increase productivity.  So organize, archive, clean and optimize!