Activity_Assign_To_Me_List_ViewOver 5 million people worldwide have already installed Wunderlist; an app by Wunderkinder that helps organizing your life and business. At this very moment, while writing this review, over 216 million To-Do’s are stored on the Wunderlist database, ready to remind their users to pick up dry cleaning, go into a meeting or call mom for her birthday. If you haven’t already, Wunderlist is definitely an app you want to look into. Whether you run a busy household, are part of a study group or manage your own business, you might just accomplish more with Wunderlist.

Features like capturing recurring to-do’s, organizing projects into sub-tasks, sharing lists with family, friends and colleagues, this app becomes a power horse. The list goes on. Wunderlist allows you to create notes, due dates, reminders and notifications. You can print out lists, easily add web content straight from your browser, turn emails into actions by simply forwarding them and synchronize your lists between all devices, except for your toaster oven. And that’s just the free version.

For a minimum of $4.99 a month Wunderlist Pro will give you the experience of seamless collaboration with your team. You will receive all the basic features, plus the ability to attach files, assign to-do’s and start conversations. Additional features like guaranteed data security and personalizing layouts make you wonder if this app is simply a must have for any business.

Besides the handy features, what also truly impressed me is the dedication of Wunderkinder to offer a successful product. Critical reviews are addressed and often solved the same day, within a matter of hours, with either a personal help message or a new and improved software update.

Whether you run a household and want to make sure you and your partner aren’t duplicating grocery items, or you want to organize and keep track of traveling plans with your friends, or you want to make sure your business and projects run like a well oiled machine, Wunderlist can be of great help! A thumbs up for Wunderkinder for leading the way in customer service and stopping at nothing to create an affordable high quality tool that makes our lives easier and more productive.